Body Piercing Bangkok

Bangkok Ink is pleased to offer a body piercing service.

Our piercing studio has been purpose built to offer our clients and professional piercers the best conditions of hygiene and comfort. The room is air condition and  well-lit and equipped with all the latest sterile piercing equipment. Our piercers are friendly and approachable if you have any questions or special requests. They will take their time to get the placing of the piercing exactly where you wish it to be. If the piercing technique or placing needs adjusting because all our bodies are different, they will discuss it with you before doing the piercing. They will mark out the area to be pierced and you will be asked to check it in the mirror to see if it is to your satisfaction. Our piercers are trained to perform the piercing so that you experience the minimum of discomfort. They will do their best to make you feel at ease and comfortable during the piercing.

Bear in mind that a new piercing is technically an open wound. It will take time for the body to heal it completely. We all have different healing times and healing takes longer if the area pierced has cartilage, such as the nose and ear. If the area has a naturally high blood supply to it, such as lips, cheek and tongue the healing is likely to be much faster. An outer ear piercing through the cartilage can take up to twelve weeks to heal fully.

Light washing twice a day with saline solution (sterile salt and water can be bought from the pharmacy) is enough care for the piercing. It is not a good idea to use ointments or creams as they can trap dirt and bacteria into the area of the wound. A little swelling or redness is normal around a piercing and the piercer will have made allowance for this when choosing a bar or ring for the piercing. We do not use an ear piercing gun for piercings as it damages the skin.

Do not pull at the new piercing or play with it and never allow others to touch the new piercing, as it is still an open wound and they may spread bacteria or dirt to it from their hands.

If you are not sure about exactly what you want or the size of ring or bar you will need, please ask our professional piercer to advise you. They will be happy to help.