Dragon Tattoo, this looks so good in real life. The customer draw the outline to give the artist an idea, the artist did the rest, free hand. The client was so happy he came back the next day and had the tree done on the other side of leg.
Tree Tattoo designed by our artist.
All bodies are not symmetrical and you can see from this picture the right shoulder area is lower than the left. Spines are not straight and it is very hard to make a perfect line straight. This client had a very good back which allowed our artist to make near perfect Bamboo hand poked tattoo Yantra line. Amazing piece of work, looks like it has been printed on there.
Machine Tattoo Black and Grey Portrait. Our two new machinist can do any type of tattoo and amazing cover ups. They have over 25 years experience between them.

Bangkok Ink tattoo studio, Our tattooists have all the creativity and imagination, coupled with the best techniques, equipment and ink, to bring you excellence. We all welcome you all. There is no pressure to do a tattoo and no charge for consultation about your requirements. Our customers come from all countries around the world. We are the most famous tattoo studio in the world and because of this we do not have any clients from Thailand. Crazy but we will change that in the future.

Below, all done with original Inks.  Just look at the precise colors.

Dream Catcher, we do any tattoo designs.
I put this one on the site to show how good our tattooist are with tattooing text.
Thai Style Tattoos done free hand.
Black and Grey, our tattooist did this and you can have it done in free hand design.

Thai Tattoo Sak Yant full back piece. We did not do the 3 triangle pieces down the spine but put Yants around them to make them look good. Looks amazing in real life. We are regarded as the best in this area.

We tattooed everything except the items down the center. You can see that our Bamboo hand poked tattoo better than the machine items.
You can see the quality of the work we have done and the 5 line Hah Taew was not done by us.

Our Sak Yant Maters consist of Ajarn Aut and Ajarn James who do amazing precise Thai Tattoos designs. We regard them to be the best Masters in Sak Yant that we have met so far. Their sacred Sak Yant are works of art and it is the best that Thailand can offer. They genuinely create each Sak Yant as a unique creation and  bless the Sak Yant for each  person . They were trained for many years in the art of creating and  empowering sacred Sak Yant Magical Thai Tattoos. They are always professional and their practices are hygienic. Our Sam Naks (sacred place to have the Sak Yant done ) and studio is being cleaned daily and all equipment kept scrupulously clean. They use new needles every time and these are disposable so the needle is always sterile. The bamboo rod used is made from medical grade stainless steel. The ink they use is genuine and not a cheap copy. 

Sak Yant Masters

Sak Yant masters are known by various respectful names such as Master or Ajarn, sometimes spelled Ajahn. The word  Ajarn means teacher or mentor. Some Ajarns do not do sacred Sak Yant tattooing but instead teach Buddhism, meditation, or even do special healing massage.  Some Masters of Sak Yant gained their expertise at a famous temple such as Wat Bang Phra which has long been known for its Sak Yant tattoos. While others may not have been a monk at such a temple, but may have gained their knowledge and sacred skills by apprenticeship to their father or through Abisheka, a sacred Buddhist initiation that passes wisdom and knowledge directly through the lineage of Master to Disciple. It takes many years of training and study to become a good Sak Yant Master. Sak Yant sacred Thai traditional tattoos have many elements within them, ancient magical knowledge, Buddhism, Animism, ancient symbols and text, and Sacred geometry all intertwined into the creation and blessing of them.

Some tattoo studios offer Sak Yant tattoos done in the studio by a tattoo artist, but they do not usually offer the blessing by the Master or the infusion of the blessings into the design. Nothing quite compares with the life changing experience of having a real Sak Yant sacred bamboo tattoo done by a really skilled master, who learned those skills over the years from his own father or his Sak Yant Master.

Just to see how good hand poke Bamboo style tattooist are, take a look at the following tattoos and also check the tattoo picture galleries. These are our Sak Yant masters who we work closely with and manage their appointments. The pictures just below each master are examples of there tattoos. They specialize in doing Hah Taew, Pead Tidt, Gao Yords etc. Learn more @

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